Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Daily Dish: "Pressuring The President"

Andrew is a bit defensive here, but then again he knows Barack pays attention to him. In the most recent issue of Rolling Stone to feature the an interview with the president, Obama mentions Sullivan by name.

FWIW from someone largely likeminded, I'd like to see Andrew be a bit more critical of Barack.
I'm not saying that Sullivan lets everything slide, but perhaps he lets the president get away with a little bit too much

Pressuring The President:

Obama on his failure to investigate torture? Only a month ago I called him "craven". A few weeks earlier I wrote, "Not all countries are as cowardly, morally compromised and as authoritarian as the US when it comes to investigating claims of torture." And such criticism stretches back to the beginning of Obama's term. From April 2009:
. . .
I would simply ask: which other blog or commentator has the same balance of harsh criticism on specifics and serious praise for the long-term achievements of this president?

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