Friday, November 4, 2011

"The H-Word: 'The Pricetag is High.'" from Bitch

Like my problem with immigration laws, my biggest problem with prostitution laws is that these laws tend to negatively impact the lives of desperate people working hard to get by. Sugar daddy dating seems like a pretty fantastic solution to the prostitution problem. The system is rough and imperfect- as the first anonymous commenter on the Bitch piece laments, "But, in my own experience, these men are just looking for a cleaner, cheaper hooker - And, they take advantage of women that are young or struggling financially to get that." However, while laws against sugar-daddy-dating would be virtually impossible to enforce, systems could easily be developed to screen out many dangerous or conniving people on both ends of these potential transactions. An online dating site, say, with a background checks that runs your subscription payments to your sugar baby. Such a system should be so much safer than the traditional outside-the-law pimping system. I'm amazed that the traditional method of prostituting is still around with this innovative line of sex work to compete with it. The full story at Bitch: The H-Word: "The Pricetag is High.":
portion of a white woman's face close to the camera. she is eating a sucker.The H-Word presents first person experiences from sex workers across the country. Here, Liv compares her job as a sugar baby to her perceptions of other forms of sex work.

I go by Liv and I'm 33.  I live in Texas and I'm a college graduate.

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