Thursday, September 15, 2011

Poor ScarJo

Scarlett Johansson nude cell phone photo 1 (reenactment)
Scarlett Johansson nude cell phone photo 2 (reenactment)
Poor Scarlett Johansson. Yesterday someone released two nude photos of the actress. The photos were released by someone who had hacked her cell phone and stolen the pictures. I'm sure people upload stolen nude pictures to the internet all the time, but I feel particularly bad for attractive famous people that this happens to. For most people, a stolen-and-uploaded nude photo would be a temporary source of embarrassment, and perhaps eventually a funny story. For a well-known and good-looking person like Ms. Johansson, the unintended audience is spectacularly larger than for an unknown party.

Out of respect for Scarlett's privacy, I've reenacted the photos instead of including the originals. You don't need to see them. You know what she looks like, and the poses are like what you see me doing here. Obviously curiosity got the better of me, but, in all fairness, I also looked at Anthony Weiner's stolen nude cell phone photos. I have been a fan of both of these celebrities for a long time (check the back-issues), and I feel so bad for them.

Many of us are naked for some portion of every single day. And we live in a world where cameras are increasingly ubiquitous. I am not one for censorship, but I think we may need to impose some serious penalties on distributing stolen photographs. Perhaps the wider the distribution, the stricter the penalty?