Monday, August 15, 2011

Taxes & Services

I often hear people complain about how high taxes are.

I often hear people complain about how shitty government services are.

Sometimes I even hear people complain about how shitty government services are in relation to how high taxes are.

I am tired of how often I hear people complain about how the government is trying to take away their entitlements while complaining about taxes and the very existence of government services.

As I am wont to do, I am calling us to action. If you think you might be a person like one of the generic people I described above, or if you are otherwise dissatisfied with taxes or government services, do something. And by "do something," I do not mean "start to complain" or "keep complaining."

By "do something," I mean if you think that you are better suited for an office than the current officeholder or the favorite for the next election, run for that office. If not, find someone who you think is better and support their campaign.

We act like elected officials are some sort of aloof subsection of society, selected by divine right, when really, they are just people who thought they could do better respective jobs than the people that they replaced and ran against.

Sure, there are some dynastic political families in America, but the only advantage a politician's child has over anyone else in fair elective politics is more opportunity to impress people who have experience supporting winning campaigns.

You'll probably be the underdog, and you'll probably lose the first race you enter and every race thereafter, but you cannot win if you do not run. And you cannot expect the government to do anything differently than it does unless you make changes to the government.

Power to the people.