Saturday, May 14, 2011

Faxes today

The Bad Mutha Booboisie needed to file its annual property taxes for the first time, and we had the option to mail or fax it in. I typically use a free fax service online when I need to fax something like this, and I intended to do so this time. On Thrusday, I prepared my files into two 3-page PDFs and uploaded them to the service. I entered the required information, confirmed my request, and left them processing while I went to mow my front lawn.

When I got back from mowing, I found that the first 3 pages had gone through while the subsequent 3 pages had not gotten a response from the receiving fax machine. I tried to try again, but the limit of 2 faxes per 24-hours apparently includes failed faxes in the count. I tried 3 other free online services; none worked. On Friday, I took my file to my day job with me and tried 4 times to fax from there; no response each time. I ended up mailing my tax files, but I wonder: why do we still use the fax system?

Why don't we have automatic backup-to-email settings and fax-via-DSL or wifi? I don't understand how fax has survived without evolving. Please explain it to me.