Tuesday, April 26, 2011

J Crew & Toes

J Crew recently featured pictures of their creative director Jenna Lyons and her son Beckett in an advertisement called "Saturday with Jenna", which we have lovingly parodied, above. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart episode that brought my attention to the ad (the segment is available in two clips at the end of this article) indicated a general negativity towards the ad from the news media in general. A quick Google search gives the same indication.

Why? Are we concerned that men who were raised to disregard meaningless gender roles will fail to keep women in their place? Are we worried that Beckett will grow up to be a little girl who stands up for human rights instead of being man enough to insult a little kid he's never met and will likely never meet? Perhaps, as the Daily Mail reported, the problem is that the ad "celebrates transgendered identity."

Transgendered identities, like women, children, foreigners, non-whites, and non-Christians, should obviously not be celebrated. We all know that fully-grown white Christian American English-speaking men are the only real people.

Seriously, though, my interest in shopping at J Crew went from near 0 to extreme with this ad.