Monday, March 7, 2011

Re: Looking for guys in their 20s

Hi Tracy,

If you still need some thoughts about this, some of mine are here after a quick introduction:

I'll be 25 on Wednesday, and I got married last July.  I graduated college in 2008 with a BS in Cognitive Science.  I have since been rejected by graduate schools 10 times and accepted 0.  My wife was accepted to graduate school once and rejected once; she ended up dropping out of grad school, but she still makes twice as much money as I do and has an almost infinitely more meaningful job.  We're both floundering in ways, going through a "quarter-life crisis" as Hymowitz put it.  I'm part of a creative collective, the Bad Mutha Booboisie, but most of my income comes from being a teller, which is less stimulating than second-grade math homework.

I think for the most part, this Hymowithz is on the money.  I do think, though, that the "rise of women" and the emergence of "guys" is a spurious relationship brought on more by politcoeconomic factors than by social norms.

If you need some more, please feel free to ask.

Jon Clucas


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