Sunday, February 6, 2011


I often don't know what to think of Justin Bieber, or why I'm thinking of him in the first place. I have seen a lot of him the past few days. He was, unfortunately, in a commercial with Ozzy during the Yellow Pants Superbowl this evening. He made his second appearance on SNL yesterday. He traded bodies with Jon Stewart for Thursday's Daily Show.
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Intro - Justin Bieber and Jon Switch Bodies
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From these promotions for his documentary/concert/biographical 3-D film Never Say Never, I think he may have found his niche.

From the first time I heard of Justin Bieber, I felt sorry for him.  He is a pretty excellent punchline, for a wide variety of jokes.  Look at him.  Especially the way he wears his shoes.  Listen to him sing.  His name is Bieber.  All pretty hilarious.

His niche that I mentioned?  Knowing he's hilarious and rolling with it.

For months I've been jokingly campaigning my wife to go see Never Say Never 3-D with me.  I'm starting to think we should really see it.  I bet it's hilarious.