Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Gobble Gobble

Good for Turkey.

According to Marketplace's Stephen Beard, "Turkey's cozying up to Iran infuriated the U.S. But the Turks say the West benefits from a Turkey at peace with its neighbors. And Europe would lose out by not making Turkey an EU member. Its economy is growing at around 6 percent a year. It has a large and youthful population, and carries vast quantities of oil and gas across its territory."

Turkey has been struggling to gain acceptance into the European Union for years, and lately the state has been trading more with other largely-Muslim nations, largely due to the predominant prejudicial anti-Islam sentiment in the EU and the United States.

By asserting itself Turkey has made itself a more powerful world player than it would have been had it been easily accepted into the EU or had it continued to bow to pressure from the West. Now Turkey is positioning itself as a bridge between the Middle East and the West, which is something that we've needed for centuries.

Cozying up to Iran and Syria is good for Turkey's national security and its global power positioning. Turkey's enhanced security and positioning is fantastic for the global community, for the world at large.

Good for you, Turkey. And thanks.