Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Vacation, 2010

This Saturday, Sarah and I will be getting married. Zach will be presiding, Jerry will read the first reading, and Drew will read the second.

Immediately following the ceremony will be a reception. The following day, Sarah and I will leave for Playa del Carmen, Mexico, our first vacation since we went to Panama City Beach, Florida in March of 2007.

We have had a few long (i.e., 3-day) weekends here and there (e.g., this most recent Independnce Day weekend), but we have not had more than a single day to relax in years.

Granted, we have moved and changed jobs several times, and we are getting married, but the point is that we can use the break.

Personally, I have never been outside of the United States before. I'll be back in a couple weeks, hopefully better-rested and with more worldly perspective.