Saturday, July 31, 2010

Neutered Arizona Immigration Law, Immigrants in Continued Mexican Standoff

by David Wolinsky from Indecision Forever

Even though the Arizona immigration law's most controversial parts were found unconstitutional yesterday in a temporary injunction by Federal Judge Susan Bolton, the "less contentious" parts of the law are in effect today. Other states like Utah are expected to adopt the tweaked version of the law, but neither side of the dust-up in Arizona is backing down.

University of Missouri-Kansas City law professor Kris Kobach, who not only helped write the law but has worked to train Arizona police officers in immigration law, presumably clad in an American flag sweatshirt and matching bandana, was quoted as saying

"It's a temporary setback. The bottom line is that every lawyer in Judge Bolton's court knows this is just the first pitch in a very long baseball game."

Interesting choice of words. And who on the Arizona Diamondbacks will be throwing out that pitch? Could it be Esmerling Vásquez or Jordan Noberto from the Dominican Republic? Or maybe Juan Gutiérrez from Venezuela?

And what about all the American pitchers who won't get the chance to throw out that first pitch because it's being thrown out by one these immigrants who're willing to throw it out earlier, faster, harder and for less money?