Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Rand Paul is ridiculous.

In Paul's America, discrimination is legalized as free speech. Oil companies shouldn't be punished for pouring millions of gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. And doctors don't need to be board-certified.

Or at least that's what Paul's actions should about his feelings. It's recently come to light that Rand Paul is not, in fact, a board-certified medical physician!

In the state of Kentucky, where Paul practices, physicians are not required to be board-certified. At hospitals and other medical establishments certification is often required for promotions, advanced placements, and certain benefits. So, technically, Paul is not breaking the law.

He is, however, selling a false bill of goods. During his campaign he's boasted the fact that he's a board-certified physician. Which is kind of true: he created a board and he is the Chairman of it, and his wife is VP. Hardly an impartial certification! The American Medical Association does NOT consider Paul to be certified, and he hasn't been since December 31, 2005! (Read the linked article for details)

The point is this: Paul in insane. He wants to make up BS as he goes, play fast and loose with the truth, and make asinine comments in the media, for which he later has to pretend he never said (a la Sarah Palin now trying "We never said 'drill, baby, drill'!").

During the 2008 Presidential election, Republicans kept saying the "cult of personality" around Obama was dangerous and he was wholly unqualified for the job. But they stand quiet while the cults of Palin and Paul rage on, unperturbed by the sheer lack of REALITY in either person's worldview.

So thanks for nothing, Rand Paul, for making the world "libertarian" sound so crazy I'm no longer calling myself one. Jackass.