Sunday, June 6, 2010

Abortion is not the Issue

Humans are born, developmentally, much later than most other mammals. To say that abortion is not killing a human is just farfetched rationalizing. To say that such killing is unjustified to save a mother's life is fanatical. To argue about abortion on broad terms is irrational.

Also irrational is the way we socially view pregnancy and children. Most people who I know, whether they themselves have children or not, act and speak as though they honestly believe that children are a terrible disease. These people also act like this 'disease' is a punishment that is deserved by those afflicted.

People are so mean to children and pregnant women. As an adult man, I do not know how these other demographics can handle the emotional abuse that they are constantly bombarded with. The character Quinn Fabray has been used, somewhat effectively, on this season of Glee to explore the emotional abuse pregnant teenagers go through.

Legislation and adjudication are not going to change the abortion rate much. They never have, and they never will be able to. Abortion is not the issue; abortion is merely a symptom. The cure is compassion. If people could be nice to children and pregnant women, then these miracles could more easily see themselves for what they are.