Friday, April 2, 2010

"State money should be spent on services, not health care challenge" from The Briefing Room

“This comes at a time when the state is in the position of making some very serious budget cuts for public schools and for our universities. Even yesterday there was an announcement made that we are going to cut further services to foster children with special needs. There is great irony during this time in our state’s history that we are going to be wasting taxpayer dollars on a lawsuit that most legal authorities believe is pretty hopeless and some have even called it frivolous. We need that money to provide services to people and to educate our children.

“If the Attorney General wants to do something important for the people of Indiana, it seems like he ought to be spending his time and his resources on collecting the $200 million that we are owed from IBM and the contract that they had with the state to provide FSSA services. They failed in providing those services and the contract is null and void, therefore they should repay all of the money that has been paid to them. The Attorney General should be pursuing that, which would be a real asset for the taxpayers of the state instead of wasting time and resources on this.

“I would ask the Attorney General, which parts of the health care plan do you really want to do away with? Is it the expansion of healthcare access for 700,000 people in Indiana or is it the regulation of insurance companies that you object to?”

-Indiana State Senator Vi Simpson