Friday, February 12, 2010

Look out, Marvel Comics: Tea Baggers are watching you!

In one of the most ridiculous stories of the week, tea party organizers are pissed at Marvel Comics for a vaguely anti-tea party storyline featuring Captain America.

The story can be found here.

So the tea baggers--yes, those very pleasant individuals that hurl personal insults at the president and his supporters, throw unfounded Socialist accusations, and generally attack everything outside their very narrow political/social agenda--are crying foul over a COMIC BOOK. Let me repeat that: tea baggers are offended and on the ropes from a COMIC BOOK.

These are the very people who sling nasty, personal attacks at political opponents and basically tell them to "suck it up and fight back". So now that the tea baggers are on the ropes, what do they do? They cry and demand an apology, which they got for some reason.

I cannot believe Marvel Comics' editor Joe Quesada and writer-extraordinaire Ed Brubaker actually apologized for this. I guess the tea baggers were REALLY pissed at all the anti-Nixon stuff in "The Watchmen", or all the hilariously-portrayed digs at GWB over the last 10 years or so.

Comic books are supposed to be social commentary, and they are NOT targeted at kids anymore--at least not the kind of book in question here. I have a feeling these tea baggers think all comic books are for kids, therefore someone with a "liberal agenda" is trying to indoctrinate kids with something other than anti-Socialist government-hating conservative values, and they just couldn't stand by and let that happen, now could they!

This is a ridiculous story and I hope someone over at DC or Image really grows a set and attacks these tea douches head-on. If they can't handle a little close-to-home criticism in a comic book, why should anyone take them seriously?

Oh, wait. They shouldn't.