Thursday, November 12, 2009

Auf Wiedersehen, Little Miss Beauty Queen!

Carrie Prejean is, at least in some respects, intelligent. Or at least has a handler (ie, agent) that is intelligent.

I say this because she turned a meaningless beauty contest victory into a pity-fueled war against "liberal America". Her views on gay marriage landed her in hot water (rightfully so, IMHO), which she parlayed into a claim of religious discrimination and, naturally, a friggin' book deal. Apparently any bozo with a story can get a book published these days.

Long story short, Ms. Prejean is a little self-obsessed. She finds herself much, MUCH more important in the American discourse than she is. Does she realize that if she hadn't said some really dumb stuff almost EVERYONE would've forgotten about her by now? Or is that precisely WHY she said the stuff she said that ultimately made her famous? The old "any press is good press" routine?

But it appears she may have jumped the shark. Last night she appeared on The Larry King Show. King, known for his fair-handed questions and guest-friendly interview style, asked Prejean a very simple and, in my estimation, harmless question. I mean, why would she appear on his show if she wasn't prepared to answer some tough questions? Not having a scripted answer prepared is no reason to be uncooperative.

Well, long story short, she had a meltdown. Or at least a beauty queen meltdown. Smiling through her teeth when asked why she settled her complaints with the pageant board, she removed her microphone and effectively stopped the interview. Larry King appeared to be really surprised, even confused. He'd clarified what he meant (she didn't listen), and then moved on to a caller, yet she didn't let it go. She kept being difficult, acting like a 4-year old and being wholly uncooperative.

What can be learned from this? For the average person, that even when a "celebrity" shares your views that doesn't mean that person is any sort of role model or authority. The Argument from Celebrity is not a sound one. What do you wanna bet she lost a big chunk of supporters last night with her whining? Time will tell. Hopefully it hurts her book sales and she will learn a lesson!

Secondly, why would she think she could take on *THE* Larry King? He's a broadcasting legend! Nothing helpful (for her) could come from her tantrum. She can say bye-bye to interviews with legitimate news outlets now. Not to mention having even less credibility than she did when this began (which was minimal on a good day).

Thirdly, should we be surprised that a beauty queen, who idolizes Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman while thinking Sonya Sotomayor and Michelle Obama are radical liberals, really has nothing of value to say?

Here's the video: