Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Public Option... From Space!!!

Last week, Media Matters Action Network combined data from the latest New York Times / CBS News poll and a 2007 Associated Press / Ipsos poll to show that 1.04-1.67 times as many Americans believe they know someone who has seen an extraterrestrial spacecraft than oppose a public option. Without the two-year-old shock-value space-alien statistic, the numbers are still striking: a solid majority of Americans support a public option and have all along.
  And there continues to be support for a "public option" -- a health  insurance plan like Medicare administered by the government.    GOV’T HEALTH INSURANCE PLAN     Now  8/2009 7/2009 6/2009    Favor  65%  60%  66%  72%  Oppose 26  34  27  20     But those who favor a public option divide on whether they would  support overall health care reform without the public option. 42%  would, but 39% would not.     SUPPORT HEALTH CARE REFORMS WITHOUT A PUBLIC OPTION?        View on public option:      All  Favor  Oppose  Favor   38%  42%  35%   Oppose  40  39  48  Don’t know  22  19  17
The second question included in the included snippet of the poll results is telling and scary. While a substantial majority of Americans want health care reform with a public option, we as a nation are split right down the middle about whether we want health care reform without a public option.

Also last week, NPR's Julie Rovner ran a story that speaks for itself titled "Poll: Public Says Voice Not Heard In Health Debate".

A few things are clear. A substantial minority of Americans stand to lose a lot of money and power if meaningful health care reform of any sort becomes law. This substantial minority has a lot of money and power to lose. This substantial minority does not want to lose their money and power. This substantial minority will do what it can to protect their money and power. With the strength of a mandate, America supports a government-run health insurance system as a cornerstone of health care reform. Without a (federal or state-by-state) government-run health insurance system, the current health care reform measures are not enough to make substantial positive changes. The substantial minority knows all of these facts. The substantial minority is loudly and powerfully fighting the public option because without a government-run health insurance system, this substantial minority can continue to exploit the majority of the country.

As is often the case, the substantial minority is substantial largely because of their power, money, and organization. Although 3-4 times as many Americans want a government-run health insurance system than oppose one, the minority are organized, loud, motivated, and have money to throw around. We have the numbers, but they have the guns, so to speak. We need to rise up and bury this powerful, exploitative substantial minority.

We can worry about the visiting space aliens later.